Top States In The US For Pro Football Fans To Visit

American football is one of the most polarizing sports in the world. In the United States alone it’s easily considered the most popular sport in the country with a loyal fan base following of millions of people who live, breath and die by the sport and their favorite teams. The love that Americans have for football, especially those who love to wager on the NFL picks against the spread that all of the top online sports betting platforms offer transcends any true understanding of what a relationship between a team and its followers can become.

Different cities where football teams, both pro and college play become capitals of the sport whenever a game is happening and with some of them having a longstanding football tradition and history, they become “must visit” sites for fans of the gridiron sport. Here we list the top states in the US for football fans looking for the best football traditions, activities and actions to visit.

New York

New York City is one of the main states in the US to have three professional football teams playing for them as well as a slew of college teams. The New York Jets, New York Giants and Buffalo Bills can all boast about having some of the most loyal fans in all of the NFL and with both New York teams already having won at least one Super Bowl title, with Buffalo still waiting for their moment in the spotlight, New York can brag about not only being the capital of entertainment and the city that never sleeps, but also one of the biggest hubs for football lovers in the east coast of the US.

If you were to need any more proof of how much NY fans love football, just log into your favorite video streaming platform and look for videos of Buffalo’s fans, called the “Bills Mafia” and how lively and passionately they live their love for football and the Bills.


You know what’s better than having a good time while enjoying some football? Having a good time while enjoying some football in one of the most entertaining states in the US, Louisiana. Louisiana can brag about bringing that bayou spirit into their football with their two main teams, the New Orleans Saints and the Louisiana State Tigers ruling all over when speaking about football.

Both the Tigers and the Saints have some of the most loyal fans, fans who have been hit by natural tragedies and adversities but have found in their favorite football teams a perfect outlet to stand back up and continue in their ways without anything or anyone holding them back. If you need any more reasons to visit Louisiana just remember, they have some of the best food in the US, some of the best music and partying in Bourbon Street might just help as an added kick to make your visit that much more exciting.


Everybody knows that Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and one of the most historically rich cities in the country, but have you ever taken notice of how passionate the football fans in the whole state of Pennsylvania can be. On the one hand you have the Eagles fans in Philadelphia, with a love for their team that can only be described as something out of a romantic tragedy. On the other hand you have the Steelers fans in Pittsburgh, fans that have grown accustomed to having one of the most important and winningest franchises in NFL history representing their city of Pittsburgh. When you have two of the most important franchises in the NFL historically and you can also brag about having two of the most important foods in US history, Philly cheesesteaks and Hershey chocolates you know you’re doing things right. So visit Philly, have a cheesesteak, catch an Eagles or a Steelers game, visit the Rocky statue and yell out for Adrianne, it’s all worthwhile.


While everyone believes that the loudest and most passionate fans of football are usually in states like Texas, Florida or others, once you go to a Seahawks home game and experience how loud their fans can get, then you start to see football from a different perspective. It has been known for years that teams hate to play in Seattle, especially because of how Seahawks fans see and live the game of football.

If you add to this, all the exciting commodities that the city of Seattle offer visitors, like fresh north pacific seafood, being able to have a cup of coffee in the original Starbucks shop, visiting the state where Microsoft originated and even touring the city where one of the greatest sitcoms “Frasier” was based from, then visiting Seattle for a Seahawks game and a few days enjoying everything the northwest has to offer, you’ll definitely be in for a treat.

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