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Amidst this pandemic a lot of services have been affected but travel industry is the most affected one. Borders are closed, Airlines are on losses, Hotels are Shut and People are not travelling. 

Covid-19 brought a drastic change in the past few months. Travel will not be the same as it was before this period, it’ll change not for forever but for sometime. The future of travel industry will be slow, it’ll rise slowly but it will grow definitely. 

There is no particular date when it’ll be completely recovered but we can just hope to travelling once again like before. 

See how travel will change and what are the things that’ll make you even more responsible for travelling in future. 

Domestic Travel will resume first

Domestic or regional travel will resume initially, people will travel regionally first. International tours will come to life after more duration. Speaking to outlook magazine,  Union Minister of Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri said that ‘If all goes according to plan domestic flights operations in india can start before May 15′

Rather than flying overseas travelers till then can move along regional areas. In the context of future of travel, some people think that there will be a compulsory quarantine of 14-days until the vaccines comes to light.

Road Trips are likely to get carried out more


The chances of people carrying out Road Trip is more than ever. No one wants to be exposed to a bunch of peoples in the flight. Taking a Trip through the road will be much likely to get adopted by peoples. 

You need to understand that this is a safer way to travel.

Transportation modes and Hotels will be cleaner than before

Trains, Buses, Flights will be more cleaner. Regular Cleaning will be done in order to be remove the traces of previous travelers. The wellness of people will be the first priority. They’ll be looking for cleaner hotels, flights and other transports. 

Services for people will be done with more and proper care. Moreover, you’ll get to see longer queues on Airport and that’s a obvious one, right.

People will look for Less crowded places

Yes, people will take a trip to places with less population and places where they are likely to find less crowd. Being open to a numerous people isn’t a good deal right now, you’re only making yourself vulnerable to the virus. 

It’ll also help them to find some peace from the hustles and bustles of overcrowded beach destinations etc. 

Demand of Travel Insurance will rise

People are going to get travel insurance after coronavirus, they got to know the importance of travel insurance. If they met any miss-happening they’ll have a backup for it. It seems to be very important for the travelers at this time.

 You’ll pack differently

Packing stuffs that are helpful for you in safer travelling will be the once you’ll be putting together. Masks, Sanitizers and much more other things are going to be with you on your journey.

You’ll be more conscious about yourself while travelling

Yes, it’s true. You’ll not do things you are unsure about. Gathering with a lot of people will not be a good deal for you. Washing hands often and not touching externals is what you’ll be doing. Being close to strangers will make you nervous.

Are there any positive effects of this pandemic?

Many positive effects can be seen of this pandemic. The Air is more cleaner than before due to the hold on different industries. CO2 emission is reduced. You’ll breathe more fresher air. Clouds will look more peaceful, scenes will be more inspiring and breathtaking. The rivers and other water bodies are cleaner during to the quarantine period.

Many organisations have come forward in this global pandemic to help each other. People came forward, they are united amidst this situation.  

Things will be changed for sometime, environment is a bit more cleaner than usual. Now it depends on us to prove whether it is short-term positive effect or we can carry this in a long run. We need to be more helpful towards our environment, we don’t need a reason to do our job to save this earth. Instead, we have to take lessons from this pandemic and there’s a need to perform Sustainable travel

Good Thing is we’ll travel again

We’ll wander around again, we’ll see the mountains again. Yes we all will travel again. That time is gonna come soon. Till then be productive, do preparations for yourself, spend time with your family. Stay Home and Stay Safe. 

To Travel Later, we need to be safe now 🙂

Thank you for reading! Hope it helped you. 

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