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Travelling As Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complicated problem to overcome. You have to break out of habits, seek help from professionals, and strictly discipline yourself to achieve sobriety. Thankfully, there are various treatments available, just like what UK addiction treatment centers offer. Travelling is currently one of the rehabilitation methods hailed as one of the best and most effective.

According to Jason Shiers of wideworldcoaching, “in many cultures and countries, addiction is still highly stigmatised and criminalised.” Some environments really are just not fit for recovery and could only contribute to worsening the state of an individual. This is only one of the numerous reasons why travel is recommended as one of the addiction therapies. There are several other reasons why traveling is a ticket to recovery.

It breaks you away from triggers.

People who are trying to get over their addiction are usually advised to be admitted to treatment facilities. This is because their homes might have negative influences, toxic relationships, and things that can remind them of their old habits. The longer a person stays in the same place that they have developed their addiction, the more likely they will relapse or not make any progress. Breaking out of addiction habits requires a change of environment, which is also the exact purpose of travelling.

Sign of a fresh start

Once you are out of the usual community you spent time in, you will have a whole new set of scenery and people. Travelling to a new place is a great way to start anew and forget past behaviors and mistakes. Without being saddled by former responsibilities and worries, you will be able to focus on your recovery. There will be lesser to minimal distractions in achieving sobriety.

Find better quality care.

Not all places offer addiction treatments and rehabilitations. Travelling will enable you to explore more options and what best suits you. Cities or countries outside your own may have better treatment methods to lead you to the right path towards recovery.

Seek support groups

Some places have more support groups available and a whole community dedicated to rehabilitating people. You will find further encouragement in these places, which will absolutely have a positive effect on your recovery.

The ideal climate for you

The weather can make you extra uncomfortable if it is too hot or too cold. Sometimes, those are factors that push you towards alcohol or drug addiction. By travelling, you can find places with a climate that is perfect for you. You must be comfortable for faster healing.

Best Destinations for Sobriety

Here are four places across the globe that offer so many things and activities that can help you recover from addiction.

Tokyo, Japan

Although sake and beer are usually available in their restaurants, it is not commonly served. Food is often partnered with just tea or water.

Ocean City, New Jersey

This is a dry town with a strict prohibition on buying and selling alcohol. People can still bring alcohol from outside the city, but the establishments and restaurants inside offer no alcoholic beverages. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of the places in Asia that has strict alcohol regulations. Alcohol is heavily taxed, and only moderate consumption is allowed. 

Orlando, Florida

Alcohol is hard to find here because of the many theme parks like Disney World, Universal Colorado Resort, and SeaWorld, which have children tourists. 

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