Unique UK accommodation ideas – make your staycation stand out!

Staycation – the portmanteau whose official meaning, or even legitimacy as a word, has become a very hot topic over the last year. Unsurprisingly, as if we are honest, we haven’t had that much to talk about! Debates on meaning aside, the rise of the UK staycation looks very much here to stay for the foreseeable months, so we might as well focus on making them interesting and exciting, rather than worrying about defining the meaning.

Far-flung destinations are off the menu just now, and something closer to home seems a much safer bet for your summer booking. But, fear not, a holiday at home in Great Britain certainly doesn’t need to be boring.

We have a whole host of world-famous attractions to enjoy, stunning countryside and coast to admire, and plenty of unique accommodation options to entice us to another corner of our country. From epic villas to castles and camper-vans, here are nine ways to make your next UK staycation accommodation something special.

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