Updated 10 Tips How to Make Holiday Travel Easier

10 Tips How to Make Vacation Travel Easier: As summer vacations or other holidays are upon us, there is so much to do and think about before celebrating.


At such busy times, travel can end up more frustrating than festive.  Try our updated tips to make it a better trip.


Updated 10 Tips How to Make Holiday Travel Easier: Packing:


Tip One:  Avoid checking luggage.  I spent part of one Christmas looking for my lost bag at the St. Louis airport.

Mark your bag handle with a ribbon since typical black bags all look alike in case you are required to “gate check” it at the last minute.

Tip Two: Think twice before lugging your skis or oversized snowboard.  I have found at resorts that lift tickets often included rental equipment. There was no discount if  you brought your own gear.  In any case, paying the airline and dragging it back and forth is no fun.

Tip Three:

Don’t wrap gifts or try to bring your favorite holiday dishes.


Updated 10 Tips How to Make Holiday Travel Easier: Airports:


Tip Four:  Arrive even earlier because of holiday crowds and increased security.

Tip Five: If you are going abroad, see what limits there are on passports expiring in 3-6 months. You may not be allowed to baord even to European countries.

Tip Six: Read your visa. You may find the surprise I did once: An apparent error provided me with a problem on arrival and departure abroad.

Tip Seven: Check to see if your airline limits electronics larger than a cell phone. Remember that is not just laptops but tablets as well.

Tip Eight:

See what measurements are allowed for carryon’s.  The biggest problem in small jets is the size of rollerbag wheels. They may not fit in the overhead bins. If you have them gate checked and have a tight connection, you may miss your next flight.


Updated 10 Tips How to Make Holiday Travel Easier: Safety:


Tip Nine: Unfortunately, the holidays are prime time for robberies and burglaries. To avoid being a victim:

Don’t broadcast on social media the dates you are traveling. You may come home to an empty house or apartment. Tell all on your great  travel adventure but wait until you return!

Tip Ten: If you are traveling abroad, consider taking a pre-paid debit or credit card with a set amount. They are easily to cancel or freeze online if stolen.


Send us your own tips that we can share with fellow solo travelers.  Safe travels!

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