VIDEO: Airalo – Summit pitch winner at Phocuswright Conference 2019


Get pain-free travel and stay connected without changing SIM cards or renting a Wi-Fi device.

Mea Thompson, director of partnerships at Airalo.

As travelers, Airalo‘s founders faced the painful situations of not finding Wi-Fi, losing the SIM card you’ve carefully taped to the back of a phone and the horror of coming home to an unexpected roaming bill. 

The company believes that in today’s modern world, connectivity and freedom should be accessible to all. Airalo takes away the pain and stress of researching and seeking out the best roaming deal. 

Airalo is the world’s first e-SIM store for travellers to access over 100 e-SIMs at the most affordable, local rates from around the world, all via e-SIM compatible smartphone, tablet or PC.

Airalo offers customers both connectivity and freedom – they’ll never have to carry multiple SIM cards or change your number again, no matter where they are in the world.

Airalo was the winner of the Award For Travel Innovation (Startup Category) at The Phocuswright Conference 2019.

Here is its pitch:

Airalo – Summit – The Phocuswright Conference 2019

And further analysis in the PhocusWire Studio:

Airalo interview (PhocusWire @ Phocuswright Conference 2019)

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