VIDEO: Biztribution – Summit pitch at Phocuswright Europe 2020


Reinventing air distribution: empowering stakeholders to reduce costs and regain governance.

Mario Danner, chief operating officer of Biztribution. 

Biztribution is building a blockchain solution where tourism and transportation eco system can load their content on a multi distributed ledger.

Its smart contracts will provide to the industry a way to enforce obligations without any 3rd party involved and with full traceability. Its design will bring simplicity to the system throwing a significant cost reduction for providers.

Distribution is part of our DNA, which represents that no one has the control of the data, that every party has the control of its own content and a great resiliency against security incidents or outages.

It´s a question of B2B and not of cryptocurrencies. Key features as private data, permissioned environment or selective endorsement will provide to the industry unleashed capabilities.

Here is its pitch…

biztribution – Innovation Summit and Launch EMEA – Phocuswright Europe Online 2020


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