VIDEO: Flyiin – Summit pitch Phocuswright Conference 2019


The airline DirectConnect platform enables retailers to build a differentiating flight booking experience.

Stéphane Pingaud, CEO at Flyiin.

Flyiin provides forward-looking travel retailers with a simple way to build truly user-centric flight booking experiences, based on direct connections to their partner airlines.

Startups, marketplaces, corporations, destination marketing companies will use its Airline DirectConnect Platform to design experiences for their users to easily search, compare and buy flights and related services directly with airlines. 

Relaunched in 2018, the Berlin-based travel technology startup currently works with a number of pilot partners to further develop its platform and help them deliver the level of product transparency and choice long expected by air travellers.

Here is its pitch:

flyiin – Summit – The Phocuswright Conference 2019

And further analysis in the PhocusWire Studio:

Flyiin interview (PhocusWire @ Phocuswright Conference 2019)

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