VIDEO: Pack Up + Go – Summit pitch Phocuswright Conference 2019

Pack Up + Go

Plan a three-day trip around the United States with this travel agency. The catch? Your destination is a surprise!

Lillian Rafson, founder and CEO at Pack Up + Go.

Pack Up + Go is a modern travel agency, planning three-day weekend trips around the United States. The catch? The destination is a surprise. Until the day of departure.

Pack Up + Go revolutionizes domestic travel, using the element of surprise to heighten how American travelers perceive and experience their country.

The company takes the pain out of planning by booking travel and accommodation, while providing curated city guides for three-day weekend excursions.

Its customers seek to explore the U.S. with an angle of spontaneity, ease and adventure.

Here is its pitch:

Pack Up + Go – Summit – The Phocuswright Conference 2019

And further analysis in the PhocusWire Studio:

Pack Up + Go interview (PhocusWire @ Phocuswright Conference 2019)

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