VIDEO: Trip Ninja – Summit interview Phocuswright Conference 2019

Trip Ninja

Trip Ninja is a provider in multi-city flight technology, working with online travel agencies to improve search and booking of air tickets. 

Andres Collart, CEO at Trip Ninja.

Trip Ninja is a provider in multi-city flight technology.

It works with partner online travel agencies to revolutionize their multi-city search and booking process using our technology to allow for lower flight prices.

In an industry where metasearch is king, having lower flight prices allows its customers to be more competitive and make more money by increasing their markups.
The key issue in multi-city booking is that there are simply too many combinations for the average consumer or travel agent to search efficiently. Trip Ninja was created as a way to quickly and easily find the cheapest combination of flights for multi-city travel.  
In a recent case study, Trip Ninja found that the technology allowed it to halve clients look-to-book ratios, increase bookings by 40%, and double markup revenue (after its fee).

Trip Ninja was a standby participant at this year’s Summit in Florida.

Here is its interview in the PhocusWire Studio:

Trip Ninja interview (PhocusWire @ Phocuswright Conference 2019)


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