VIDEO: TroopTravel – Summit pitch winner at Phocuswright Conference 2019


100 travelers. 15 origins. Where do we meet? See how to use Big Data to plan corporate meetings and events in minutes.

Dennis Vilovic and Leonard Cremer, co-founders at TroopTravel.

TroopTravel helps travel and events manager to take an informed decision on what is the best meeting destination for their globally distributed teams based on your specific requirements.

It uses Big Data to compare travel cost, ease of travel, visa requirements, carbon footprint, security and more. 

The company says it saves money and time for corporate meetings and events planning and is used by leading Fortune 500 companies.

TroopTravel was the winner of the Award For Innovation (Emerging Category) at The Phocuswright Conference 2019.

Here is its pitch:

TroopTravel – Summit – The Phocuswright Conference

And further analysis in the PhocusWire Studio:

Troop Travel interview (PhocusWire @ Phocuswright Conference 2019)

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