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I stood outside the Saigon Central Post Office, in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam, clicking pictures. The yellow colored building with green windows looked impressive from the outside. I was trying to include the colorful wares of the local vendors hanging around the premises. And as usual I was not liking any of the pictures I clicked!

Saigon Central Post Office, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Right across the road was the Notre Dame Church (do not confuse it with the Paris one) and I was tempted to hop over. But the Church was closed for repair work, so I walked over to the post office wondering why were we visiting a post office of all places! But one look at the interiors and I knew the place was special.

The Impressive Interiors of the Saigon Central Post Office

The building was constructed from 1886 to 1891 by the French. It is said to have Renaissance, Gothic and French Colonial design influence but if I would be honest I can’t tell one from the other. I am your average tourist to whom the building looked great, particularly the interiors. But ask me to differentiate between Renaissance and Colonial and you lost me at R, more so when I am tired. It has been designed by Frenchman Alfred Foulhoux. If you are interested in the history of the post office head over here and read more.

The Saigon Central Post Office is Functional

The post office still functions as a post office but it popular with tourists. I was told I could mail a post card back home if I wanted but I gave it a pass. I was more interested in walking around and taking pictures. The floor was impressive, the arches were grad and the whole effect was amazing!

The Saigon Central Post Office

Our group was supposed to spend a short amount of time here and then move on. But someone went to mail a post card back home and that gave me some time. I stood at the entrance, holding my cell phone in one hand and the DSLR in another to click this shot and after about 50 tries I gave up in frustration. Later, I thought I got maybe one okay shot, the one you see above, though the cell phone in my hand is slightly crooked.

I visited Saigon Central Post Office on the first day of my Vietnam trip, I was still tried. The beauty of it hardly registered on my sleep deprived brain. But when I look back, I feel like I missed up on the opportunity to explore more. However, now that you have read this post, if you ever find yourself around there, go prepared. It is a stunning building and it is totally worth visiting.

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