Visits to travel sites decline again after reports of more infections

Online travel continues to ride a rollercoaster, with no sign of stability in traffic to websites. 

While all segments had seen month-on-month improvement in website visits and bookings in April and May, travel trends dipped again in June and into July. 

Comscore Insight reveals that consumer engagement with travel sites is decreasing with news of rising COVID-19 cases following the lifting of restrictions.

The company had seen steady increases in visits using its recently introduced minutes-per-unique visitor engagement metric.

However, as news of a rise in infections in some countries following the easing of lockdowns emerged, Comscore noted a decline in time spent on travel sites from mid-June and into July.

This dip then translated into a decline in visits to sites from the end of June.

The company says that if previous activity can be relied on to predict future behavior the patterns will mean travel bookings will decline further in the figures for July. 

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