What is The Safest Way to Travel?

What is The Safest Way to Travel?

Now that traveling is more affordable and accessible, the aviation industry is trying to keep up with the times. Air travel is more common and the most popular destinations are usually just one flight away. However, these increasing numbers come with new problems. People are usually turned off by jam-packed airports and the long lines. Availing private jet services is one way to go about these problems and you might be surprised that these private charters are now more accessible than ever.

As you may already know, cars and automobiles are notorious for accidents. The statistics for road accidents are increasingly high especially for young adults. There is also added pressure because nowadays, there are thousands of cars on expressways, causing a high amount of traffic. 

Air travel is another convenient and safe way to travel. The chances of accidents are very low because of the security regulations in place to ensure that every flight will be a safe one. Flying in private jets used to be exclusive to the elite, but now the market spans beyond that. However this does not mean that the safety and quality has deteriorated – in fact, it has even improved in recent years.  

Below are a few things you want to consider regarding the safety of private jet services.

How safe are private jets?

Chartered flights and private jet services are held to an even higher standard than your regular commercial airlines. In this short list you will find the important reasons why flying private is much safer compared to other travel options.

  1. The safety measures are emphasized on literally every flight.

You may have heard about some private jet accidents in the past few years, but it’s possible that the media sensationalized these incidents. They are actually very rare and more passenger fatalities have occured in commercial flights rather than private ones. 

The reason why safety measures are always in top shape is because the flight is carried out with the same high quality as any other private charter – regardless of the number of passengers, cabin crew onboard, and hours in the air. Commercial planes fly hundreds of passengers and sometimes, the airlines will overbook a flight to increase profit margins. 

These planes also go from one flight to the next with minimal safety checks in between, unlike planes of private jet services which spend more time in the fixed-base operator (FBOs) than in the air. 

Lastly, flying long hours increases the structural integrity of planes and this is eliminated in private jets since they fly considerably less hours. The low passenger volume and number of flights means less wear and tear on the plane. 

  1. Private jets undergo the rigorous safety and compliance tests. 

Most charter companies actually seek the services of third-party companies which specialize in safety checks. They do this to ensure that they meet all standards for safety and compliance with almost zero risks. 

Historically, there was a ton of pressure on charter companies because private jet services used to cater to VIPs alone. This means that they would have world famous politicians, royal families, ambassadors, and billionaires onboard every single day. These high-ranking passengers are ensured and there is absolutely no room for error and accidents. 

Safety evaluations on private jet services are incredibly strict, so when charter companies meet the standards, you can be very confident about your safety.

  1. They are equipped with technology that allows them to cover more distance but without the risks.

Since private jets are usually smaller and newer, they are better equipped to face unpredictable or inclement weather when flying. The pilots and cabin crew also receive specialized training for this so you can be assured that they can handle the situation when the weather suddenly changes. 

Private jet services can also be found at more airports all over the world. Some airports only cater to FBOs and their private jet flyers, meaning they do not accept commercial flights. This allows charter jets the convenience to change plans or make emergency landings if needed – a convenience that commercial flights don’t always have. 

Of course, the biggest appeal of flying with a private charter is the luxury of flying at your own time and without stepping foot in a crowded airport. The hassle of waiting in long lines and navigating through crowds can be stressful to some people. When flying private, you completely skip those steps. Most importantly, you can choose the date and time of your flight as well the company you will be flying with. 

This luxury, of course, comes with a price. Private jet services can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for one trip.

However, you cannot deny the impeccable safety measures and ultimate comfort you will receive. There is nothing quite like flying in a private jet. With the assurance that it is one of the safest ways of traveling around the world, you can definitely savor your experience even more. 

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