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The Lake City Of India, Nainital is a perfect destination for those who are looking for peace with magnificent views. I’ve Been to Nainital last week and experienced some really cool things 😉 

Well, if you’re in India and Haven’t visited Nainital! You’re missing a lot dear. Amidst the Mountains of Nainital, there’s a beautiful Naini Lake that shines like a jewel when Sun rays fall on it. 

Day 0

I took an overnight Volvo to Haldwani from Delhi ( Anand Vihar ISBT). Haldwani is a city at the Base level from where you can Board Buses or take taxis to Nainital and Bhimtal. Speaking Personally, I love traveling in nights to wherever I go. The perks of traveling overnight are Less Traffic, More Comfort at night time, moreover, our sleep cycle doesn’t break. 

So, this way my way but I guess most of you may have different choices about the travel time. But I have to say this – the naps I took at night in the Volvo was one of my best naps ever:P

Day 1

After around 7 Hours of Journey, we got off in Haldwani at 5:30 AM in the morning. There we just had some snacks and went to look for a Taxi to Bhimtal(which was our first destination for a stay). At such an early morning you can feel light and chilled Breezes which reminds you that you’re present among the mountains. 

After just 5 minutes of our search, we got a Taxi which is going to drop us at Bhimtal. The excitement of mine was at a whole another level and I was just curious for the rest of the Nainital trip. 

As soon as we moved to some distance – then we were actually driving in the mountains. The views were so damn amazing. As it was our first trip after the Lockdown, the vibes were different than before. 

You know what is the most amusing thing when you visit the mountain regions? It’s the native people. With a good nature, they also possess great communication skills. They know how to befriend a complete stranger, and of course, they can be your helping hand when you need it. 

It was 8:30 to be precise when we reached Bhimtal. Our stay was booked at The Lake Hill Hotel, Bhimtal. The location of this hotel is just in front of the Main Boat Stand in Bhimtal, which is also known as Daanth in the native pahadi language. We checked-in to our rooms and as soon as we’re into the room we just got onto our bed, as the journey was really hectic and we’re tired too after traveling for more than 9 hours. 

Just After relaxing, I took a shower which was really refreshing, and just went to the Lake facing Balcony to take a glimpse at Gorgeous Bhimtal Lake. But the beauty of the lake kept me there for a bit long. 

After Having Our Brunch we’ve explored some of the nearby attractions like Bhimtal Lake, Naukuchiatal Lake( another pretty lake at a distance of 7-8 km from Bhimtal Lake), Main Market where we ate some street food which was absolutely crazy. 

We’ve actually planned to be back at the Main Boat Stand by the evening to see the sun sinking. But we got a bit late and just got to see the reddishness of the sky afterward. There you can find swans playing at this time of the day and that was one of the cutest moments when they were playing at the shore of the Bhimtal Lake. 

We went back to the hotel after it was dark, as I told you earlier it was just in front of the Daanth so it was just a few steps away. 

Wandering at night looks a bit scary as the environment is so quiet and certainly feels like you’re in a cast of some horror movie, 😛

So it was wrap up for our Day 1. 

What We’ve Done: Explored Bhimtal Lake, Went To Naukuchiatal for a while, Ate street food at the local market. Spend evening among the swans at Daanth.

Day 2:

We woke up early this morning and after doing all our essentials we headed to Nainital at 8 in the morning. At around 9:30 we’re there, as Nainital is at around 20 km away from Bhimtal. 

Taxi Dropped us just before the very famous Mall Road, we just spent the first few minutes of time observing the surrounding. It was astonishing, no wonder why Nainital is called the lake city of India. Naini Lake is so vast and splendid that you’ll never be finished watching the sight of this thing. Locals also say that the depth of this lake is not yet known, scary isn’t it?

Our first item on the things-to-do list in Nainital is to reach the highest altitude point in Nainital i.e. China Peak. Most of you may not know about this peak but let me tell you this peak is located at a height of around 8,650 ft which is the most not only in Nainital but also in the surrounding regions. 

The Distance of China Peak from Naini Lake is 10 km.

So we headed towards that, we met a fellow traveler on our way who accompanied us to the top. After vigorous hiking of around 2-3 hours, we made it to the top and I must say that the view was complete justice to the hike. What we got after the exhausting trek is absolutely worth it and took our all tiredness away in just a jiffy.

I was having one of the best moments of my life, standing at the peak was just like being on the top of the world. You can see the limitless sky under which the mighty creations of god exists. It was like time got still there. 

The really magical moment it was, we didn’t want to leave that place but that’s what the truth is. It was around 3 when we trekked down. It took us half the time to get down as compared to it took to go up to that point. 

Moreover, refill your water bottles while in the market you can find paid water refilling booths, which can fill 1 Litres in 5 INR. Because when you’ll start the trekking you’ll not find any water sources until you get to the top. 

I’ll advise you to trek during early daytime, so that you can get down before the dark as wandering among the woods is not a good choice at night time. 


Have you ever gone trekking? Share your experience in the comment box.

Momos are quite famous down there so we decided to have them. They’re so delicious and far good from the ones we have in cities. You can find numerous shops on Mall Road.

We’ve been hanging around till 6 in the evening. It was the last day of our trip and we have to make it back to our hotel in Bhimtal.

We missed some places as the hike took more time than expected. Make Sure to visit places such as Kainchi Dham, Hanuman Garhi, Nainital Zoo etc. which we were not able to visit due to lack of time.

Taxis were available at the Stand which is at the end of Mall Road. We had a few funny chit chat with the driver, he was quite a friendly person. At the end of the day, we were good to have the incredible moments. I had a step count of 29,900 on that day, brilliant. 

The Day was vigorous and we just slept after having dinner as soon as we reached our hotel. 

On Day 3 we checked out and it was really wonderful to be among nature’s best. We have to agree that Nainital holds a dazzling beauty and one will surely go off with loads of good moments. 

“When you leave a Beautiful Place, you carry it with you wherever you go” – Alexandra Stoddard

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