What’s in my travel hygiene kit? It’s the AXE ICE CHILL, and here’s why!

Here’s What every man should Purchase on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

It’s no surprise that we all get those icky and baskil moments since we live here in the Philippines – with all the long commutes and daily grind. Imagine hanging onto the LRT handle or entering the interview room, and you don’t feel confident with your smell that could leave an impression on the person in front of you. Frustrating, isn’t it?


Investing in a self-care kit is probably the most practical thing you’ll do. Make it a practice to use deodorant for everyday grooming and individual hygiene routine. And guess what! I just found the latest Axe Ice Chill in Shopee.

The Axe Ice Chill is billed as the freshest fragrance yet made for Men. Unlike ordinary fresh scents from other deodorants, this latest deodorant is composed of natural watery notes enhanced by Frozen Mint and Lemon, which leaves you smelling fresh all day.

Now, you won’t worry about your next pitch or face-to-face meetings with your clients, as you can literally wear the smell of confidence through this Ice Chill deodorant.

Personally, I think this deodorant is perfect for those who are always on the field and facing long commutes. One of its features I love is the instant cooling benefits that cool your skin by up to 11C, so you can stay cool and confident any time.

Clean, refreshing, and cools your skin anytime, all day. If you’re also like me who want to experience this kind of freshness, go to Unilever Beauty Store (Axe), add them to the cart, and click check out on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale.

Here’s the link to the Ice Spray Chill, And here’s the Shopee link to the Axe Ice Breaker.

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