Where to Stay in Toronto First Time 2021

Where to stay in Toronto? Well, there are a lot of places to stay here and it’s considered to be a one of the most visited place in Ontario, Canada.

Also, it’s considered to be an extremely favorite place to visit for visitors in Canada, along with, its well-known for business, culture, arts, and other entertaining things in Canada.

Where to Stay in Toronto as a Tourist 2021

One of the most popular city in Canada for destination trip so if you are worrying about where to stay in Toronto, don’t be because it’s provide a lot of places and neighborhood to stay and for the enjoy offers best things to do as well. 

It says Toronto is one of the best cities to live in the whole world and it features all the best attractions to visit, great restaurants to dine, lots of shops to purchase as well.

So, wasting no more time let’s figures out best places for where to stay in Toronto as a tourist, and those places are:


One of the best places for where to stay in Toronto but if you’re shopping lover you will be loved this place this more amazingly all kind of brands you be able to find here such as Gucci, Chanel and more.

Attractions here to visit are a lot but the most famous one among in this is The Royal Ontario Museum which is situated in the west area of the town and it’s the most famous in Canada as well.


One of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to visit and for to stay as well, situated on the shore of the Lake Ontario which is considered as the waterfront area of Toronto.

Well, of course, you can consider Harbourfront as where to stay in Toronto, and it offers you a lot of attractions to see and things to do as well, one of them is Bluffer’s Park which is officially a beach where you can spend some time with water.


Another one of the best neighborhood in Toronto for both to visit and to stay as well, Chinatown is famous for Chinese ethnicity and food, along with, Vietnamese, Japanese, and some other Asian cuisines. 

Also, for the shopping lovers there is great to shopping at flea market where you be able to purchase any kind of thing you love such as clothes of course who doesn’t, jewelries, and some other kind of things as well for the household too.

Another best place for shopping as well that known as Kensington Market the Chinatown is fulfilled with blend of people Chinese, Vietnamese, Caribbean’s, and Latin Americans too, so you can surely pick this place as where to stay in Toronto, of course.


Downtown Toronto is probably the best place for all kind of people, of course, this neighborhood is considered for the providing the best skyscrapers in Canada, also its known as the main business zone of the city as well.

So, there would be no harm if you pick Downtown as where to stay in Toronto instead you will love this to visit, and a lot more options to see the attractions, a lot of things to do too.

Well, this is the perfect place or says in other words it’s the beating heart of the Toronto where you are able to enjoy and have experience of the great culture of the country.

And if you are shopping lover this will be your third place in Toronto where you be able to purchase in around hundreds of shops as well, also, there are some of the great restaurants to dine, and over hundreds of bar to spend your night with glamour hours of the city.

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