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At the end of the Second World War, the city of Berlin was practically decimated by air raids and harsh street battles that claimed many lives. One of the last major victories for the Allies, the Battle of Berlin resulted in the German surrender and Adolf Hitler’s suicide. Today, Berlin is rebuilt and thriving, but many reminders remain. Hitler’s bunker, in fact, was destroyed and remade into a parking lot but a solitary plaque exists to mark the location. The Reichstag, which still houses the German parliament, or Bundestag, was rebuilt after the 1933 fire that many historians believe helped Hitler’s rise to power.

Furthermore, the Holocaust Memorial is a unique yet somber tribute to the murdered Jews of Europe, with 2,700 concrete blocks of varying sizes all standing in rows. Many smaller reminders dot the streets, too, with tiny gold plaques placed outside of homes stating the names of Jewish victims who once lived there. Although built many years after WWII, the Berlin Wall was a consequence of the event and is an equally devastating part of the city’s history. The Wall fell in 1989 but many sections remain standing and act as a stark reminder of Berlin’s connection to the war.

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